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Conrad Ko 高子昂先生

Profile Overview

Conrad Ko brings a unique blend of intellectual rigor and practical insight into his role as an educator and content creator. Specializing in training for financial and insurance exams in Hong Kong, Mr. Ko has an unyielding focus on translating complex financial concepts into relatable, understandable content. He's the founder of Paradox Management Limited, a company aimed at bridging the gap between learning and succeeding in finance and insurance exams.


  • Finance & Insurance Training: A seasoned facilitator in HKSI LE, IIQE, EAQE, and SQE exams.
  • Content Creation: Over 1 million views and 200k hours watched on YouTube.
  • Enterprise Collaboration: Manages commercial video projects, aligning the educational narrative with brand messaging.

Career Milestones

  • Created highly visited websites such as,, among others, each boasting over 1 million visitors.

Personal Philosophy

"Education is not just about passing exams; it's about arming individuals with the real-world knowledge to navigate an often obfuscated financial world. Think of it as teaching someone how to fish, but the pond is a volatile stock market, and the bait is a well-calculated risk."


David Wan 尹承傑先生

  • Profile Overview

    David Wan is a full-stack developer with a knack for turning abstract ideas into concrete digital solutions. Currently with CASHiQ, a fintech startup, David applies his multifaceted technical skills to create and manage a multi-tenant GIC application used by various financial entities.


    • Full-stack Development: Proficient in ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, C#.
    • AWS Management: Supervises multiple instances and resources on Amazon Web Services.
    • Content Management: Well-versed in Drupal and WordPress Content Management Systems.

    Career Milestones

    • Founder & CEO of BroadbandHK, spearheading innovative sales and marketing strategies that realized a monthly revenue of $5,000 and a 10% increase in clientele.

    Personal Philosophy

    "In technology, as in life, you're only as good as your last update. The quest for improvement is unending. It's not just about solving problems; it's about finding new problems to solve, just to keep things interesting."


Yusuf Alakavuk 先生

Professional Background

Companies: PIKA Technologies Inc., Votel Iletisim Hiz. San. ve Tic. A.S.
Specialization: VOIP communication consultancy
Additional Roles: IVR and Call Centre Solutions for Multinational Insurers and Banks


  • VOIP Consultancy: Advises on Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), a technology that lets you make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line.
  • IVR Systems: Sets up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for banks and insurance firms. This is the robot that asks you to press 1 for English and 2 to hang up in frustration.
  • Call Centre Management: Handles the A-Z of call centres, essentially the puppet master of the headset brigade.

Mohammed Rafat 先生

Professional Background

Expertise: Animation Production
Geographical Reach: Europe, North America, Egypt
Clientele: Educational Institutes & Software Developers


  • Educational Animation: Specializes in creating bite-sized animations that have the ability to turn even the driest academic material into a Pixar film.
  • Commercial Animation: Designs animations for software developers, essentially turning pixels into dollars.


WhatsApp: +852 93476474

Phone: +852 93476474